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Bandwidth Distribution


Our Parent Company got 12 different line of business located in the same building and managed by separate IT.   We got 100Mbps Internet Link from Local Internet Service Provider. I need to distribute internet bandwidth to different Business Owner IT. The Local Internet Service Provider got a Base Station on the Top of the Building and a UTP cable hooks to my Router with a Public IP.

Wondering how the ISP distribute Internet Bandwidth to their different customers? I am in the same Soop now. Anyone with some suggestion



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Re: Bandwidth Distribution

Wondering how the ISP distribute Internet Bandwidth to their different customers?

ISPs provide public IP addresses to their customers. Customers NAT their internal IP addressing to the assigned public IPs.

You can do the same for these line of businesses. Have each of them have a dedicated edge router connecting to your 'intranet domain'.

Each of their edge router will perform NAT while entering your intranet domain which in turn will be NAT'd again from intranet to public internet.

Another Option is configuring VRFs for each business unit and leak the default route on each VRF.

The gateway for this default route should be your internet facing device and this device must support VRF Aware NAT.



Bandwidth Distribution

Hi Samuel,

If you are looking to distribute the WAN/Internet bandwidth to different departments in your organisation, then you should look into the option of implementing QOS on the WAN interface.

I am going to assume that the LOB's will have their separate subnets and using the Access lists you can classify the traffic coming from them. Then assign a chunk of bandwidth that a single LOB can use while going out to the internet

Use class-maps and policy-maps for implementing this QOS solution. Check the following link for configuration details:

Hope it helps.


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Bandwidth Distribution

Thank You Edison, Neeraj for replying. Still not clear how to provide them access with bandwidth restriction. Here are more details on current setup. Any refrence link for NAT link would help.

The Local Service Provider provided 6 Public IP address. We are terminating the Internet link on a 2811 router. The other end of the router is connected to our Cisco ASA Firewall. I got Two switches not in use ( 24 port 2960 and a 24 port 2950 )



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