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Bandwith command

i m bit confuse on bandwisth commmand can some one please help meout with that.....i know its for routing perpose but what will happend if your curcuit is of 4mbps and u put command bandwdth command as 64.......still the through put would be 4mbps.......why we use this command to restrict the traffic on that perticular interface or what??? cheers

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Re: Bandwith command

Here is a little article that clarifies the bandwidth command a bit:

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Re: Bandwith command

yup! the link speed is still 4mbps. but when using dynamic routing protocol like igrp and eigrp that uses bandwidth and delay as their metric, the calculation will be high for that link because of the low bandwidth configuration. if you have 2WAN links to same destination, one is 2mbps then the other one is 4mbps, then you configured your 4mbps link to "bandwidth 64", then the routes going to the remote site will use the 2mbps link instead of the 4mbps link (if static route is not used and everthing is dynamic).

Plus, if you need to configure the bandwidth command on one side of the link then you should also configure it on the other side to prevent suboptimal routing.


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