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Bandwith Control or QoS on Cisco Router

Hi Sir,

HQ is running Cisco 2621 and remote branch is running Cisco 805.

The current CCTV traffic always caused other application like SAP fail to connect to HQ from remote branch. They want to limit CCTV traffic to 1 Mbps only, another 1 Mbps purely for SAP & others.

How can we provide bandwidth traffic shaping or control to achieve the above on the router 805? Customer has one spare Cisco 2811 to replace the Cisco805 if limited QoS functionality is supported on the remote branch router.

Hope to hear from your advise.


Cisco Employee

 If your router supports


If your router supports CBWFQ, try below steps


- Define class to match CCTV traffic

- Create a policy-map, call CCTV class and assign bandwidth 1 mbps

- Under class class-default assign bandwidth 1 mbps

Class-map match-any CCTV
 match CCTV traffic


policy-map Policy-Out

class CCTV

bandwidth 1000

class class-default

bandwidth 1000


I believe your link is 2mbps link.




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Cannot say for sure for the 805, but the later 800 series models, with the right IOS, seem to support most if not all that version's IOS commands on the "WAN" port.

For your other ISRs, like your 2621 and 2811, IOS feature support depends on IOS version.

Given support for CBWFQ IOS, you should be able to shape or police, although from what you describe, I would just recommend prioritization of SAP traffic or deprioritization of CCTV traffic (or a combination).


"Combination" example:

policy-map example

class SAP

priority percent 50

class CCTV

bandwidth remaining percent 1

class class-default

bandwidth remaining percent 99


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