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Best Loadbalancing/Routing Policy - Design Question

We have a scenario - 2 sites connected via 2 routers

Home-A ---------------- 6 Mbps Full Duplex Radio Link (Ethernet) -------------- B

Home-A ---------------- 2Mbps Serial Link - DXX ----------------------- B

Home-A ---------------- 2Mbps Serial Link - DXX ----------------------- B

So total capacity goes to 10Mbps over all. Now questions here is , What will be the best routing/policy to use the maximum of this 10mbps pipe. one certain answer is to have equal routes on both sides A & B but incase Serial link is over crowded and (i believe cisco route packet alternatively when they have same metric) some packets will choke in the Serial pipe when Radio link is free.

I have read Cisco Optimized Routing - but its too advance to be deployed here and its only available in 12.4.x so that is rules out...

any suggestion..thanks in advance.


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Re: Best Loadbalancing/Routing Policy - Design Question

OER was going to be my suggestion, but I see you can't go that route. Your best bet is probably just using static routes if you want to utilize all lines at one time. You can keep an eye on your input/output queues to see how the default CEF load balancing is working for you, if it is not optimal you may have to play around with per packet and per destination to see what works best. Policy routing is always an option as well.

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Re: Best Loadbalancing/Routing Policy - Design Question

FOA, thanks for reply adam.

Can you point me to some link which shows how to manipulate CEF , and policy routing is AN option but destinations are all the same :) sort of extended-LAN over WAN.

Just incase we use static routes with same metric (for all three links), how do you see it as a working solution or we can end up droping some packets (if Serial is full and Radio is not)


Shakeel Ahmad

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