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Best replacement for 1811 router


I've had Cisco 1811W router for 5 years and it's no longer supported. I have used it for:

- Firewall

- VPN for remote user access

- having internal/external/DMZ

I'd also like to be able to descent QoS, blocking P2P traffic, and it'd be nice to be able to do IDS effectively (I don't think 1811 can do all these w/o paying penalty on performance).

My questions are:

1. Since I don't have special requriements for doing complicated routing. Should I get an ASA instead of a new router which does the above at software level?

2. How do people usually determine which to choose: an ASA vs. a router?

Thank you!


Re: Best replacement for 1811 router


ASA is a Firewall and router is obviosuly a router.

ASA can do some routing but it is still a Firewall.

Router can do some Firewalling but it is still a router.

If you're looking for security without advanced routing, I say go for the ASA.

There are many models and many options you can choose from depending on your needs.

Take a look:


Re: Best replacement for 1811 router


As Federico insisted its all about the functionality you want in there (routing/firewalling). Both the devices has its own limitations with respect to the additional features and its not to be over reliant on a single device to function as both router/firewall.

It depends on the capacity like no of vpns, routing protocol, links terminated, wan port required (firewall doesnt support various wan interfaces).,

Also would suggest you to keep the future growth in mind when going on for a new device.


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