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Best Router for Multiple Fiber Interfaces

I am trying to interconnect five sites that are on an existing fiber ring. Four of the sites, as a minimum, requires two (2) fiber WAN interfaces (call one East the other WEST. There is a final router that will require four (4) fiber WAN connections. What is the best router for this WAN interface?


Re: Best Router for Multiple Fiber Interfaces


do clarify what kinda output drop you are going to get in your locations ? is it going to be Gigabit Ethernet drop or OC level drop ?

Also are you using any WDM boxes like DWDM or CWDM ?


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Re: Best Router for Multiple Fiber Interfaces

Thanks for the response. I have researched a little to determine that for the smaller sites I can use the 2851 with a HWIC-1GE-SFP card. I will use this as the East Connection. I will use one of the On board LAN ports for the West connection. See the attached drawing.

I will have to employee media converters to connect the copper ports to the fiber. The other LAN port will be connected to a firewall and 3560 switches for distribution. I think that will solve the primary connectivity issue.

In all cases the drops at each site are 1000T.

So the problem rest with the Site 5 that needs more than two fiber interfaces. They have to be routable. Your comments are welcomed.

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