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Best way to integrate a 20meg WAN Link into LAN

The current situation that I have is as follows. We have a core 6500 switch that has a PRI module in it that binds (4) T1 lines together and we also have a 2600 Rtr that binds 4 other T1 lines together and pipes them into a ASA5520. We are changing WAN vendors but still have to maintain the (8) T1 connections until our contract runs out, which will be in a few years. The 8 T1's are not enough bandwith for our operation and we will be adding a 20meg WAN link in the next month. What I am trying to figure out is how to best integrate 3 different WAN links into one LAN. What I am thinking of doing is to leave the 6500 core switch as is and then to purchase a router that can hold (4) T1 wics and the 20meg link. Is it possible to bind those 5 links together even though they are different vendors? My initial thought would be no but I am not sure. I am looking for a little advice.

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Best way to integrate a 20meg WAN Link into LAN

No, you can't bind them but with routing protocols, you can choose the 20MB link as primary and the 4T1s as secondaries.

Also, I'm assuming the 20MB link will be a ethernet handoff - if so, I recommend implementing HQoS with a shaper of 20MB. If you don't apply a shaper, the router will clock the WAN connection to the interface rate which can be 100Mbps or 1Gbps..



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Best way to integrate a 20meg WAN Link into LAN


Yes it will be an ethernet handoff. I appreciate the advice and will have to do some research on the HQoS with a shaper. How would I handle the static route from LAN to WAN with two different providers. Does the HQoS setup deal with that. Let's say I have the following router setup:

MultiLink 1 (PPP multilink going to ISP1 the 4T1s)

Gigabit 0/1 (20MB link going to ISP2)

Gigabit 0/0 (going to LAN)

Would I static route the LAN to go to Gigabit 0/0, and then let HQoS divide the traffic to the two WAN links?



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Re: Best way to integrate a 20meg WAN Link into LAN

HQoS will not provide the routing, it will provide the quality of service for your traffic.

If you want to use your G0/1 as primary while having the Multilink1 as secondary w/ static routing:

ip route [G0/1 next hop]

ip route [MPPP next hop] 240

where 240 will be the Administrative distance for that route. BTW, 240 value is arbitrary - you can use any value greater than 1 which is the default AD for the static route.

Additionally, since you are going to use static routing along with an ethernet circuit, you need to use a track feature since the ethernet interface does not go down when the connection is lost.

For instance:

ip sla 1 

icmp-echo x.x.x.x source-interface G0/1

ip sla schedule 1 start-time now

ip route [G0/1 next hop] track 1



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Best way to integrate a 20meg WAN Link into LAN

Use BGP between all of your ISPs - this will allow for load balancing and redundancy.  It will take some equipment upgrades as a 2600 will not support it and some reconfigurations between your existing and new ISPs.


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