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Best way to keep up with the latest IOS commands/technologies...?

Hey everyone,

I seem to be at a loss keeping up with latest features.

I'm pretty new to the game, and I try to read the updates and I get emails from Cisco all the time for IOS releases...

Embarassing as it may seem, just these past few weeks I read about NSFw/OOS, WAAS, OER...

Basically, what is the best way to keep up with these new feature-sets and commands?

We primarily use L3 switches... 6500/4500 in our entire network... including WAN links (Oc/12 to internet, DWDM WAN).

Everytime I come across a new feature, it is rarely if ever available for any of my platforms.

IP SLA (sounds great, cant use it)

OER (sounds great, dont think I can use it).

Why aren't they available? Should we be using routers anywhere in particular instead of L3-switches?

Not using the features makes it difficult to keep abreast of any updates, etc.

What do you all do to keep up with the commands and new features? And whats the best way to make sure I've at least heard of/skimmed all the ones that are already out?

Im pretty certain there are feature sets out there that I'm unaware of. Like a few weeks ago I read about EOT (enhanced object tracking)... then I read the article dated 2005. *sigh

Help me out, and thanks in advance!


Re: Best way to keep up with the latest IOS commands/technologie

It is tough to keep up. Going to Networkers can help.

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