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Best way to optimize bandwidth utilization

Hi all,

We are facing high link utilization between our intra offices locaiton.EF marking has already priotized, but other data traffic is overflooding & links are getting fully utilized.I have below plan to overcome the link utilization ,but not sure it will work

Capture all traffic via ACL on port base ( like permit tcp ip any any eq 135),define class for ACL,ask ISP to provide BW to each class.

Due to this config , i am suspecting router CPU to get highly utilized.Also not sure if this idea will work as i found there are dyanamic port used & some unknown ports.

Can somebody have best ideas to do bandwidth optimization for data traffic.

Thanks & Regards

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Re: Best way to optimize bandwidth utilization


i guess it would be much easier for you to rn NBAR on the core network router and to define policies according what NBAR is suggesting. keep in mind that before running NBAR it is a very good idea to download the last version of the NBAR protocols recognition database (PDLM). A couple of points that i hope will help you:

a) QoS and prioritisation are helpful if congestion does NOT happen all the time. If your network is congested all the time, a link upgrade is the only thing that will fix the problem if you already analysed and addressed the different types of traffic on your enterprise

b) Analyse the traffic. Running NBAR is very efective but a sniffing session (packet capturing) can give you a very realistic idea of what your infrastructure is carrying on. WireShark is just an example of the software you can use.

c) Analyse how big your broadcast domains are and try to find out if you can optimise/reduce the amount of broadcast packets for example

d) Reserve on the router some memory and bandwidth for management. In congestion periods, if you have no access to your devices everything get more and more critical

e) try to fix the issue WITHOUT involving your ISP. Much better to keep full control on your infrstructure until you can.

f) do a precise evaluation of your hardware resources in order to predict the routers/swicthes behaviour

I hope this will help you.. by the way QoS is a great tool but it is not always a solution.

Take Care



PS: check this link if you want to really optimise the links:

and check PFR seminar... brilliant about your topic!!!

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Re: Best way to optimize bandwidth utilization


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High utilization, alone, isn't necessarily a "bad thing".  It really depends on service requirements of traffic using the link.

If your platform/IOS support it, fair-queuing often works very well with most traffic types.

A non-default drop strategy might improve "goodput".

It's often "better" to manage your aggregate bandwidth they trying to get a provider to manage classes of bandwidth.

Bandwidth utilization might be much decreased by WAN acceleration tools or applications tools (i.e. sometimes a more cost effective approach than obtaining additional bandwidth).

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