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BGP 2nd Default GW to ISP

I've attached a diagram. I'm wanting to advertise another default gateway to our ISP via BGP. I want to be able to ensure that this default route also gets put in their table so as to load balance between the 2 sites. Am I going to have to get in touch with the ISP for this?

BGP1 currently is the default gateway for all locations. BGP 2 is a backup site (our DR) that I want to use as another path to the internet via the MAN connection. The Red connection from BGP 3 is the 2nd path that I'd like it to take. I've got a lab set up, but even after changing maximum-paths to 2, it doesn't put the second default route in the routing table.


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Re: BGP 2nd Default GW to ISP

The configuration of your routers would be welcome.

But if  you are in the same AS, for all the 3 routers, your problem is the fact of the bgp split horizon rule.

BGP-1 advertise certainly via "default-information originate" to BGP-2 and BGP-3 but BGP-2 or BGP-3 doesn't advertise this default route which has been passed by an iBGP peer.

An iBGP peer cannot advertise an iBGP learned route, it's a loop prevention mechanism.

You can build subconfed to override this behavior and make it happen as you want.



BGP 2nd Default GW to ISP

It's a basic setup at this point. Both my CE routers are advertising into the provider. The provider gets it, but only puts one route in the table:

*               0             0 65127 i

*>                     0             0 65100 i

Currently, my lab doesn't have mpls set up. I can do this if I were expecting a different outcome.

Here's the ISP router:

router bgp 1

no synchronization

bgp log-neighbor-changes

network mask

network mask

network mask

neighbor remote-as 65100

neighbor default-originate

neighbor remote-as 65127

neighbor remote-as 65003

maximum-paths 3

no auto-summary


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BGP 2nd Default GW to ISP


AFAIK, even when maximum-paths command used, both prefixes have to come from the same neighboring AS to be used for BGP load balacing.




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BGP 2nd Default GW to ISP

Always better with a show command to understand.

Milan find the issue, Thotsaphon on the other post share a wonderfull command to circumvent the issue:

bgp bestpath as-path multipath-relax


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