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BGP advertise-map with PL

Hi Experts,

I am configuring BGP "aggregate-address advertise-map" command. Below is the config details for your kind reference

ip prefix-list FILT-PL seq 5 deny

ip prefix-list FILT-PL seq 10 permit

access-list 1 deny

access-list 1 permit any


route-map FILT permit 10

match ip address prefix-list FILT-PL

router bgp 200

no synchronization

bgp log-neighbor-changes

network mask

network mask

network mask

network mask

aggregate-address as-set summary-only advertise-map FILT

neighbor remote-as 100

neighbor send-community

neighbor route-map SAIRAM-NOEXP out

neighbor remote-as 300

no auto-summary

When I use access-list 1, it working fine by not considering attributes of network for aggregation.

Whereas if I use prefix-list FILT-PL it is not working, meaning it is taking the AS number of net also in the aggregation.

I am confused why it is working when using ACL and not PREFIX-LIST

Thanks in advance


Cisco Employee

Re: BGP advertise-map with PL


I haven't analyzed your configuration in detail right now but I see a problem in your prefix-list.

The second line says:

ip prefix-list FILT-PL seq 10 permit

Obviously, you wanted to write something similar to "permit any". However, the correct syntax in prefix-lists for this is:

ip prefix-list FILT-PL seq 10 permit le 32

In other words, any network (anything AND 0 = 0) with any mask (from /0 to /32).

Try it with this prefix-list and let us know if it worked for you.

Best regards,


Community Member

Re: BGP advertise-map with PL

Hi Peter,

Thanks for correcting the configuration, it is working. Great


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