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BGP at multiple locations

We have our own ASN and IP addresses, we have a /24 pool. We want to distribute the same pool on 3 locations is it possible to do the same.

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We could give better answers

We could give better answers if we knew more about your environment and what you are planning. How are you planning to distribute the /24 on 3 locations? Will these locations connect to the same ISP or to different ISPs?


Not knowing these things here is what I can tell you. Many ISPs have a minimum size of the advertisement that they will accept at /24. If you distribute your addresses and attempt to advertise them to different ISPs it will probably not work. If you distribute your addresses and will advertise them to the same ISP then the ISP can summarize and advertise a /24 to their upstream neighbors and it might work.





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Hi Sameer, Assume you have

Hi Sameer,


Assume you have distributed(ip assignment) /24 pool in 3 locations as /25,/26 and /26. You can originate these subnets in IGP or BGP with no-export community and originate a /24 pool in BGP on one router to advertise it to upstream ISP. /24 pool will attract traffic to your AS and once traffic has entered to your AS, it would refer more specific prefix to reach the actual destination.


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It should be possible.  Presumably you'll have interior reachability to your /24 regardless of your external connections.

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