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BGP Cat6500


Currently we are running our BGP on 7206 NPE-G2 router which is going to 70% of CPU with 300mb of traffic forwarding

We are planning to upgrade the same with the 6506 with SUP2 engine which can help us in future running maximum of 5-7 separate BGP session getting Full routing table from all

Which IOS image recommeded for BGP in 6506

Can I know this will capable CPU running this and also handling more than 10Gig of WAN traffic

What is major difference between chassis 6506 and 7606

Thanks in advance


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Re: BGP Cat6500

Hello Vinoth,

unfortunately,  sup2 is not suitable for supporting full internet tables because it is probably able to support only 256,000 routes in its CEF table and a full table is now 308-310000 routes.

you need a sup 720 3BXL or sup 730 3CXL for this.

c7200 is under pressure in the forwarding plane (traffic volume) the C6500 with sup2 would be stressed in the signalling plane (number of routes)

I recommend not to try to use the C6500 with sup2 for this.

if you want to get a more powerful BGP router you should consider an ASR 1000 router

Hope to help


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Re: BGP Cat6500

Thanks for the reply

can we use SUP-720 as the supervisor engine in CAT 6506 chasis whether this

will help us

If we have 5 different ISP BGP peering u mean to say all ISP will send us

the nearly 3 lakhs routing table which will not laeakage in 6500

am i right


On Fri, Mar 5, 2010 at 11:57 AM, giuslar

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Re: BGP Cat6500

Hello Vinoth,

yes you can install a sup720 on that chassis

to be noted sup720 for the fact they host also the switching fabric has to be installed in a different slot then the ones used by Sup2.

you need Sup 720 3CXL and you are going to install newer linecards of series 6700 you need a DFC 3CXL or 3BXL on them as well.

Use of sup720 3BXL for three upstream providers has been reported in the forums.

Use of sup720 3CXL for five upstream providers has been reported.

To be noted that Cisco has also released a more router oriented supervisor named RSP 720 that has the newest RSP4 so this can be the better supervisor for this job. RSP 720 3CXL


Hope to help


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