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BGP configuration but without the auto failovers

Ok this is kind of a weird one.

I need to setup 2 data centers with a single /24 via BGP.  When the primary goes down I need to it failover to the secondary.  But I can't have it do it automatically or quickly because it won't be easy to fail back due to database issues.  And when the primary comes back online I can't have it automatically fail back to the primary from the secondary since that again would leave the database in a weird state.  Whats the best way to accomplish this?  I thought about just downing the edge interfaces until I want them active.  But what if I can't reach the primary DC until I regain access?  Theres a possibility the primary will become active and move the routes back to itself.


Cisco Employee

Re: BGP configuration but without the auto failovers

Yeah, we don't get this request very often ... "please fail over slowly"  .

So, you will have to be more specific with at which point you want to fail back over ... what is the trigger that defines you are ready to fail over.

If this can only be "known" via manual diagnosis or analysis, then you must revert to a manual fail over mechanism (such as keeping your peer in a shutdown state until you "no shut" it).

If you want this to happen automatically, based on some trigger, then you have to define what that trigger is, so that the router can be programed to act on that trigger.


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