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BGP Configuration


My enterprise network (AS) connect two sites (cities)and we want to implement two connections with differents ISP, one for each site and advertise one network class C to the ISP for each side. we are goint to received from the ISPs default routes. My questions are the following: It is neccesary that we have to configure IBGP between the two sides?? In the configuration of BGP we can use the same IGP autonomus system?? or to configure another for BGP in each side or to configure One Different and new AS for each side.



Jose Luis Arango

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Re: BGP Configuration

Hello Jose,

if your company has its own BGP AS number your routers will use it.

Note that a router can run only one BGP process if you try to add a second one you get an error message.

iBGP between the two sites can be useful to allow inter-site communication.

If your company doesn't own a public BGP AS a private AS has to be used in the range 64512-65536.

Hope to help


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Re: BGP Configuration


Our Provider recommended that we had to configure for each side one AS (different) and form each side advertise one public subnetwork Class C, and not enable IBGP. What we want is that side A has its own Internet connection to ISP A (two directly connections from different Border routers) and side B has its own Internet connection to IPS B (two directly connections from different Border routers), I think that between the Border routers located in a same side, IBGP could be enable. and between sides not. I'm not sure about the recommendation of configure different AS for each side.

Re: BGP Configuration

if both sides are connected directly maybe via a lease line, preferably i would just enable IGP routing (EIGRP or OSPF) between sites and just have BGP peering with the local service providers.


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