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BGP Convergence Time

Hi experts,

I have a question about BGP convergence time.

Consider an MPLS core and a customer on his own VPN (VRF) across the ISP's core network.

CE to PE is eBGP.

When I remove a route on the CE router, the other CE router (across the Core) detects it at once and removes it from the BGP table and the RIB.

But, when I add/publish a new route on the CE's BGP process, it takes a few seconds (say 30 to 50) for the other CE router to add to the BGP table and hence the RIB.

Is this common ? Does BGP take a while to publish routes to the other neighbor or is it because of delay across the core ? If it is, then why does the Withdrawals take place real quick ?

I did some debug bgp update events .. and I could see that the BGP UPDATES for new advertisements and withdraws happen instantaneously..


101043: Mar 6 13:25:35.480: BGP(0): rcvd UPDATE w/ attr: nexthop, origin ?, path 5577 5577

101044: Mar 6 13:25:35.480: BGP(0): rcvd

101045: Mar 6 13:25:35.484: BGP(0): rcvd

101046: Mar 6 13:25:35.484: BGP(0): Revise route installing 1 of 1 routes for -> (main) to main IP table

101047: Mar 6 13:25:35.484: BGP(0): Revise route installing 1 of 1 routes for -> (main) to main



Re: BGP Convergence Time


There is difference between Convergence and update..

Converge means when a router lost one or more of its paths to a particular destination.

If you are asking about BGP update, then yes , bgp update period takes 60 sec.

also consider that the route you have entered, should be propagated as an VPNv4 prefix through MP-BGP in the MPLS-backbone provider.

If you need changes to take affect immediately in BGP, you can reset the TCP connection between the bgp peers or configure (Soft reconfiguration).



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Re: BGP Convergence Time


Thank you for your reply.

I could see that the default update timer is 30 seconds for eBGP and 5 secs for iBGP from the show ip bgp nei command output.

How are you saying it is 60 seconds ?

Also, I would say that routing convergence happens essentially because of the UPDATEs..



Re: BGP Convergence Time


I mistakenly typed the keep alive timer, yes the update is 30 sec and keep alive is 60sec.

and a bout your point that you would say update is converge, Normally the fast convergence is associated with a routing protocol that detects a failur of a path very fast like eigrp,ospf.

offcourse, both would send periodic update when there is a new route added or removed, but with bgp this doesnt normaly happen, unless wit soft reconfiguration or peer reseting or takes the normal 30sec time for the new updates.



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Re: BGP Convergence Time

Hi Mohamed,

I just meant to say that the network convergence happens through 'UPDATE' messages (periodic, like RIP or triggerd/flash like OSPF,EIGRP).

But, with BGP there seems to be a deterministic delay associated with successive UPDATE messages.

I found this nice document when I googled.



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Re: BGP Convergence Time

The eBGP default timers appear to have been tuned for Internet sized tables. When working within a MPLS VPN where routes now number perhaps hundreds, not hundred thousands, eBGP timers can be configured to much smaller values, sometimes all the way down to minimum allowance.

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