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BGP/ethernet? troubleshooting?

I have a 10M ethernet link and am up/up on the link, I can ping the neighbor, but am not seeing BGP established on my end ("Active").  Telco is telling me they are sending routes, but are not receiving routes from me.  My question is in a state of "Active" BGP with the ability to ping the vendor's IP, should I see any routes for "show ip bgp neighbors x.x.x. advertise-routes"?  In my current state, should I be expecting to see zero (proving I have a problem) or is that normal behavior while BGP is not established?  I am under the impression I won't see advertised routes until BGP is actually established. 

I am new to troubleshooting BGP over an ethernet link.  Essentially, when I am seeing up/up on the link and I am reasonably sure my config is accurate (hasn't changed in a year, nothing has changed on my end) with the issue not on my end.  There really isn't much active troubleshooting I can do to prove this out as a telco issue - I am at a standstill with them and am unsure of the next step.  Please share advice?


If you can ping the neighbor,

If you can ping the neighbor, you should be able to get routes technically. Have you put an acl on the interface that could be blocking port 179? I haven't tested on a down link, but I don't believe you're going to see anything with advertised-routes if you don't have a peering established. You just simply don't have an adjacency.

Has anything been changed on their end like new equipment added, upgraded, etc?




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BGP active means that you

BGP active means that you have set up your BGP and it is sending hellos to its peer. It is not changing to established as it is not able to handshake the BGP session  with that peer. 

If you are pretty sure nothing has changed at your end and BGP was established before this behavior could be related to an ACL that is being applied for BGP on port 179 in one of the ends. ( Probably your ISP)

With the command advertise-routes you are seeing what you are advertising to your peer but if BGP is in active state it wont show anything.

I would recommend to ask your telco if they are applying any kind of fancy ACL.


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