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BGP Load-sharing

I want do a load balance links between 02 ISPs (different AS),I have 02 Cat 3560( but, 3560 does not support IBGP). I think use MHSRP(02 groups for load sharing) and BGP for the external links. This solution will works ?

Any suggestion ?



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Re: BGP Load-sharing

You can just use default route. Or if you really want to use BGP then configure weight on both routers. Configure a higher weight to your eBGP neighbor.

Re: BGP Load-sharing

Hi, load sharing is performed through host gateway selection in your case. Have a look at GLBP (Gateway Load Balancing Protocol). It will give you all the features you want including perfect redundancy.

"Configuring GLBP"

Also be aware, that in the backup case all sessions will be lost because of (usually) different NAT addresses on the two BGP routers. Other than that this scenario could work.

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Re: BGP Load-sharing

Dear Martin, The 3560 does not support GLBP ( I verified at feature navigator) so, I believe that I need use MHSRP, Have I other option ?

Thank you very much !

Re: BGP Load-sharing

Does your IP and AS allocated to you by an RIR or each ISP assign an IP and AS to you?

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Re: BGP Load-sharing


I think you can run iBGP between the 2 routers and no need to run it in the switch, and then you can configure HSRP between the routers, and one of them will be the master but that doesn't mean the traffic going to the Internet will use the link that is connected to the Master router, but through the iBGP between the routers they will learn all the routes through the 2 links, and the optimum path to each destination will be used. Note that we use BGP mainly for this reason (Optimum Routing), but if you want to implement load balancing you can configure default route in the Routers and configure to HSRP groups and make each router work as master for one group, this means configuring some hosts with one gateway and the some with another one.

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