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bgp maxas-limit: how many and limit logging of drops....

Hi, I'm looking at this command as it seems useful. however, what do others recommend for maxas counts? I am thinking of 12 for an edge router connected to internet. The default route is in place to catch anything higher. Based on some current calculations, this drops about 1% of current routing table. About 95-99% of the drops are paths with large prepends. The few legitimate long length ones appear to be related to the DOD. Can only imagine what they are doing!

Another related question: enabling this command causes a rather large amount of noise in the log buffers. On ASA there is a command to turn off logging of a specific message:

            no logging message <message id>

Is there something like that for router IOS?



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bgp maxas-limit: how many and limit logging of drops....

Bob ,

MAX AS command will help to allow learn prefix from different connected AS

default value is 75 but u can change it

router bgp XXX

bgp maxas-limit 1

If you apply above command it will only allow the directly connected AS from BGP .

i.e if u use

bgp maxas-limit 3 ( will allow max 3 AS prefix in BGP table )



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i also have this issue, has

i also have this issue, has anyone found a solution to this?  I believe the original poster was trying to figure out how to limit log messages, that's what i'm trying to do as well, since you put this command in i get a long log message about every five seconds, so any useful logs are lost.

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hi, its been a while since I

hi, its been a while since I looked a this topic, but I dug up the IOS rate limiting command reference for you. this allows you to configure logging rate limits based on message number. hopefully that helps!

logging rate-limit: To limit the rate of messages logged per second, use the logging rate-limit command in global configuration mode. To disable the limit, use the no form of this command.
logging rate-limit {number | all number | console {number | all number}} [except severity]
no logging rate-limit
Syntax Description
number Maximum number of messages logged per second. The valid values are from 1 to 10000.
all Sets the rate limit for all error and debug messages displayed at the console and printer.
console Sets the rate limit for error and debug messages displayed at the console.
except (Optional) Excludes messages of this severity level or lower.
Severity decreases as the number increases. So, severity level 1 is a more serious problem than severity level 3.
severity (Optional) Sets the logging severity level. The valid levels are from 0 to 7.

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