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BGP Multihome/Hesitation

Hello All -

Sorry if I don't explain this correctly, but I'm still learning BGP terms, etc.  The individual that set this up left the company.  First, I'll give a quick rundown of the network and why it's this way.  Then, I'll explain the issue. 

Background -

We have 2 ASR1000's that are handling BGP from 3 different providers.  ASR1 has a Gig-E connection to L3, ASR2 has a Gig-E to Sprint, and OC3 to AT&T.  The Sprint connection was recently converted from OC3 to Gig-E approx 4 weeks ago.  The original Sprint OC3 connection was going through a "route-map poison-route permit 10 & route-map poison-route permit 20 (with prepends on both)".  The Gig-E connection to Sprint was currently being finalized when the L3 connection was severed due to fiber cut.  As a result, we decided to fire up the Sprint Gig-E connection.

Currently, The Sprint GbE connection (ASR2) is not going through any type "route-map poison-route".  Either is the L3 connection (ASR1).  We are running OSPF w/BFD on our core routers and edge devices. 

L3 - Running approx 500 MB

Sprint - Running approx 250 MB

Issue -

It seems since we've fired up both GbE connections to the different providers, our users notice a "hesitation" when pulling up websites or sending traffic.  Once the hesitation has passed, traffic flows normally.  Example, pulling up, takes a couple of seconds, but once it goes, everything seems fine.  Streaming a Netflix video - initial load takes a while, then no problems

Question(s)  -

Is it possible the problem exists because 2 GbE links on two different ASRs are sharing equal "routing"?

Should I consider sending one of the links to a "route-map poison-route" with AS prepends?

Or, is it possible the issue lies within BFD on my 7609 and 6509 routers?

Thanks for the help and ideas!

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BGP Multihome/Hesitation

Interesting scenrio! Altough there is a lot to tweak here, I find it hard to find a straightforward issue relating to the changes you mentioned.

Delays like this are typically caused by dns related problems.

Did you already try that venue?



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BGP Multihome/Hesitation


Funny you ask about DNS.  I was packet capturing after I sent this message.  Noticed that the Standard DNS query launched, but took quite some time to "respond".  I'm working with our DNS guys now to see if they notice anything.



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BGP Multihome/Hesitation

Definetly DNS issue.

Thanks for the input!

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