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BGP NAT Private IP to Private IP question

I have a new Verizon PIP network for voice.

We have an edge router that will route traffic from Verizon's voice network to our internal voice network .

Verizon can peer to our edge router with a private IP Address and they are asking me to advertise the internal voice network via BGP from our edge router.

I can choose to avertise the actual internal network of the internal IP2IP Gasteway router or NAT the internal network and advertise that.

My question is if my actual network is say for the internal voice, what private network do I choose for the NAT?

I mean it seems like not a big difference to NAT to, is that even effective?

Or do I pick something totally differnet like

Also, since I only have the single host that Verizon needs to get to, can I advertise a single host address?

Or do I subnet to a 30 bit mask for only two host addresses?

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Re: BGP NAT Private IP to Private IP question

My understanding is that you just need to advertise the single host address, but I only have very limited expereience in BGP and NAT :(

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