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BGP Peering VRF lite configuration - Slow speeds


I have a Cisco 7606-S router with the following modules;

- 2 x WS-SUP720-3B


- 2 x WS-X6748-GE-TX

The IOS version is 12.2(18)SXF16.

I am using the following technologies;

- VRF Lite

- Multi-context Mode on the FWSM


I have users connected to the sout side of the firewall through a VRF, the users reside on another site so connetion is via 15Mbps WAN connection. I have the Internet connected on the north side of the firewall on a VRF with BGP peering to the ISP. Please see attached diagram.

Prior to cutting over all the users to use the network discussed I setup a single user to connect through the network and was approaching download and upload speeds of 15Mbps (during non busy time as the WAN connection was used previously).

Once all user have been migrated across I am finding the Internet doanload/Upload speeds is varying from less than a 1Mbps to 7-8Mbps from the user site and locallaly at the DC (not across the LAN) 3Mbps to 60Mbps.. I have heard that in some cases that VRF lite can cause speeds to vary but have checked the Bug toolkit on CCO and have found no bugs for this. I have also spoken to teh ISP and they have no issues currently. The users are not complaining about slow response times (WOOHOO) but am wondering if this woill only be a matter of time.

Any assistance with this would be appreciated.



Andrew Richardson

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