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BGP Related (Default Route)

Hai all,

One of my customer is facing the problem that they are not able to open few web sites.Service provider is giving full BGP to the customer.As per SP,The peering Provider is advertizing these routes with NO-Export community Tags.Service provider is insisting customer to go for Default route.....

Does this solve the issue ..What does the Term Default Route does in BGP

Sorry to ask the very basic quiestion ... pls help me regarding this


Re: BGP Related (Default Route)

On one of the websites that can not be opened, is that network in the routing table? The default route will simplify your local routing table. At that point they would probably stop advertising the whole BGP table to you. It will have a route pointing to the ISP. It's just like your default route in your internal network.

HTH and please rate.

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Re: BGP Related (Default Route)


Firstly, please check output of "show ip route x.x.x.x" (x stands for web-site ip address) and if its not available in your gateway router that means your BGP is learning this prefix via peer.

Try to add a static route for this prefix towards your BGP peering ip. This would provide a return path for any traffic destined towards x.x.x.x.

It is as good as using default-route routing table.

Re: BGP Related (Default Route)

when u are 100% sure about ur roouting u can try the following:

try browsing these websites using an IP address instead of URL...the u will know if issue is DNS related or not.

The other things is to increase your MTU slightly ...some sites need more than 1500Bytes. I usually use 1546 (specially if MPLS is used).



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