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BGP rib failures

Can anyone provide me with more information or commands that I can use to research rib failures in my BGP table. The only info it gives me is " Higher admin distance n/a" is there a way or command I can see the admin distance that my ISP is sending me in my updates?

Just for more background on this...I started to get the rib failures on this route when we moved that remote from a FR T1, to a Dual p2p T1 multilink connection to the PIP cloud.

I am wondering (pure conjecture) if that during the migration to the new Cir that the link could have been flapping causing the VRF table in the ISP cloud to get poisoned? Or if the flapping of the link durring the move could cause the table to "go nuts"?

Thanks Chris

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Re: BGP rib failures


I am not sure what is going on or what is causing the problem. But one thing is clear - your ISP does not advertise admin distance. The admin distance is a function on the local router and not something that is advertised.



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Re: BGP rib failures

I figured out what happened, I am getting a best route Via iBGP, and in the redistribution into OSPF, my backup VPN routes in OSPF admin distance 110 are better, causing my sub-optimial routing.

Thanks, this just took some time for me to think about.


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