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BGP routing not working


This is my 1st time setup dynamic routing. So please help me out.

Attached is my diagram. Take a look.

We have a new WAN connection. 

I setup the new WAN connection on my test router as the current connection is in production and use static route between sites.

Also i attached the config of both router.

BGP is not up. Did my config was OK?


The problem is that ther eno

The problem is that there is no any valid route towards the peer BGP neighbor ip address (e.g. from site_a towards

Thanks for the reply,which

Thanks for the reply,

which one is it? does the config at Site A wrong?

does the bgp routing correct?

Hi, are you trying to



are you trying to establish a BGP session between your sites A and C?

Or from your BGP router on each site to a provider router (the provider is providing you an MPLS backbone, e.g.)?


In the first case, the

neighbor .... remote-as 23736

command is incorrect in both your configs, as both you routers are using AS number 65322.

And you would need some static route (and path through the backbone) to reach the other router.


In the later case the neigbour IP address is incorrect - it should be the provider router connected to the WAN subnet used on your router probably?


Best regards,






Hi Milan,I'm trying to

Hi Milan,

I'm trying to establish a BGP session between router A & router C.

What is the correct config for the router as ISP gave me the AS ID but I'm not sure how to config it.

Hi,what kind of service are


what kind of service are you getting from your provider?

If it's an MPLS VPN, then you need to establish a BGP peering to his routers on each site, not between your routers directly.


Best regards,



Hi Milan,The ISP doesn't

Hi Milan,

The ISP doesn't specify me that, they only ask me to configure BGP routing only. 

I google their website and the service is IPVPN and is using MPLS.


What information should i require from the ISP?

They gave me 



and set of IP address

Did they give you a peering

Did they give you a peering neighbor IP address for each site?

Probably for site A and is for site C?

You should configure BGP peering to them, I believe, using the

neighbor remote-as 23736

command on site A


neighbor  remote-as 23736

command on site B.


Best regards,



Hi,There is a correction of


There is a correction of the IP address assignment. Below is the correct IP address. 

Also i got confirmation that the correct BGP peer is like above (with the ISP neighbor not directly with the Site A & Site B router.)


At side B, i configure like you said but seem BGP not connect also.

See attched config.


Hi, yes, this is my



yes, this is my understanding how your connection should look like.

I suppose you are able to ping the BGP neighbor from your router on site B?

You should start asking your provider why the BGP session is failing then? Is his router configured to peer with your one?

You might also try some BGP debugging on your side.


Best regards,




Hi Milan,No, i can't ping the

Hi Milan,

No, i can't ping the neighbor

Even i can't ping myself Should this concern anything?


I did turn on debug bgp

*Mar  1 18:48:41.427: BGP: open active, local address
*Mar  1 18:49:43.427: BGP: open failed: Connection timed out; remote host not responding




Hi,if you can't Ping the


if you can't Ping the neighbor nor yourself, is your Serial interface up?

Without a basic connectivity you can't establish BGP peering!


Best regards,



both is UP, but why can't

both is UP, but why can't ping myself?? i have no idea why

encapsulation or loopback ??

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