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BGP =show ip bgp sum = status (SE)

Dear Sir,

I have some question about status when am use command : sh ip bgp sum

-- sh ip bgp sum --

<neighbor IP>  4        <neighbor as>      10   21914        1    0  599 00:06:19        1 (SE)


reference ..

The S,P,E output is displayed when there is a route-refresh in progress for that peer.

- the E is displayed if the peer has requested a route-refresh that hasn't been completed yet

- the S is displayed if the refresh for that peer has started

- the P is displayed if BGP is refreshing the neighbor starting at some table version other than zero.  It should normally start from zero so you won't see this displayed but if you have multiple peers that are out of sync and they request route-refresh at the same time then you may see the P displayed for them once they are in sync.  I wouldn't worry to much about when the P is/is not displayed.

What the root cause i status SE? and How to resolve this problme?

because i have some problme when i see the neighbor in status (SE) the route object on router neighbor is not update .

Manaschai J.


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