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BGP -TCP state

I have two bgp neighbors, however one is in an ACTIVE state.

This is a known issue, but my question is regarding the

show tcp brief all command

both bgp neigbors show LISTEN

shouldnt the one that is "working"

be in an ESTABLISHED state?


Re: BGP -TCP state

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In Listen state the BGP is trying to establish the connection with its peer over TCP Port 179.

Only if it reaches the Established state, it will start exchanging the neighbors and keepalive packets.

It means, still the peer connection is not established in your case.

Refer link below for different state if BGP:

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Guru Prasad R

Re: BGP -TCP state

What is the status of BGP on the second router?

Check whether the neighbor is configured with maximum-prefixes and is being violated as this results in one side being active and the other side at idle


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Re: BGP -TCP state

always check the logg before coming to a conclusion...gonna be helpful...for sure


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Re: BGP -TCP state

unfortunately the neighbor is an ISP----I provide them with our AS configured under the BGP stament...and our interface IP address..and

the neihbor statement address that is configured on our router...They informed me

that the AS i give them is private..we also are using private IP address in this scenario

our and the neighbor is pointed to 192.168.x.x

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