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BGP won't advertise loopback net

Getting back up on the horse toward passing BSCI, I've dusted off my lab routers and I want very simply for BGP to start advertising a loop back network from Router Chris to Router Brian. (On Family Guy I guess those two don't interact much but I don't think that's the culprit here.)

Brian's config:


router bgp 360

neighbor remote-as 790


Brian's sh ip bgp summary:

Neighbor V AS MsgRcvd MsgSent TblVer InQ OutQ Up/Down State/PfxRcd 4 790 18 18 1 0 0 00:15:14 0

Chris's config:


router bgp 790


network mask

neighbor remote-as 360


Chris's sh ip bgp summary:

BGP router identifier, local AS number 790

BGP table version is 47, main routing table version 47

1 network entries and 0 paths using 89 bytes of memory

BGP activity 1/0 prefixes, 23/23 paths

Neighbor V AS MsgRcvd MsgSent TblVer InQ OutQ Up/Down State/PfxRcd 4 360 19 19 47 0 0 00:16:36 0


So the two have neighborship in the ESTABLISHED state, but network; active on Chris's Loopback0 interface, doesn't show up at all in Brian's routing table. I've configured it manually in router config mode, so what have I neglected to do here?

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Re: BGP won't advertise loopback net

delete the fire network statement

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Re: BGP won't advertise loopback net

To the original poster: I am having difficulty in treating your question as having merit given the ID that you have adopted. I suggest that you start over and choose an ID that suggests that you have respect for these forums.

There is inconsistency in what you have configured and I believe that this is causing the pproblem. You have configured:

network mask

however the address suggests a mask of /32 and the mask suggests that the fourth octet should be 0. It is hard to know what to change without seeing what is configured on the loopback, but I believe that you need to either change the address or change the mask.



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