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BGP4 - neighbor soft reset does not update weights on policy change? bug?

I Have a Cat6k (SUP1A/MSFC2) running IOS 12.1(20)E doing eBGP with several ISPs. BGP sessions have been up and running for quite some time just fine. Recently, I made a change to the neighbor inbound route-maps and removed the "set weight xxx" statements from all route maps, as I no longer want weight attributes applied to these incoming routes. Did a soft clear on the neighbor sessions and -- no change. Routes still are being tagged with the same old weights that are no longer specified in the route maps!

I can add/remove/change local preference values within the same route maps I was manipulating the weights with, do a soft clear, and see the change take effect after the soft clear by looking at the routes installed in the BGP table. Trying this same sequence with weights... -- I get nothing.

Anyone know if this is *designed* behavior, or a bug? I had always understood that a soft clear would refresh *ALL* BGP attributes in the event of a policy change (weights, local preferences, metrics, etc.)

I would rather not do a full session reset (clear) on these sessions if I don't have to.

Anyone seen this before?



Re: BGP4 - neighbor soft reset does not update weights on policy


you are right, weight should be modified as well. I regularly deliver BGP classes and changing weigth is one of the tasks in the labs. I never got the behaviour you mentioned.

As a quick workaround:

a) set weight to 0 with the help of your route-maps (set weight 0)

b) clear ip bgp * in

c) check weight

d) remove the set weight from your route-maps

In case your bug(?) is reproducable use it to achieve what you intend ;-)

Hope this helps


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