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Bonded NxT1 Bandwidth throughput problems

We have a 2621XM with 2 Wic's for to T1's (3Mb) and 2 Fast Ethernet Ports. the problem we have is that we are not able to accomplish throughputs anywhere close to 3 Mb's upload or download. We have spent many hours with the provider and they believe that there is a problem in the router. The router does not indicate any errors. we have had the providers' engineer log in and look at our router settings and do intrusive testing. they indicate that there is 3Mb of throughout to the WIC's, but we can not get throughput through the Ethernet port. We swapped over to the other Fast Ethernet port and have the same results. We are only getting about 1 MB download and 700 kb upload. Do you have any suggestions to help remedy this problem or any references to go to next. We are at the limit of our ability to resolve this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Re: Bonded NxT1 Bandwidth throughput problems

Please check the duplex, speed of the ethernet to determine is there any matching issue.

Please check the order of the serial interface is the same at both side. i.e. A serial 0 <--> B serial 0, A serial <--> B serial 1.

Please provide the "show interface" of both routers.

Will the throughout reach 1.5Mbps if only one serail is connected ?

What is the host & application to carry the througput test ? Can you test it w/ FTP if it is not ?

Hope this helps.


Re: Bonded NxT1 Bandwidth throughput problems

A few things to keep in mind: Are you running fast switching on the router. Is route cache enabled for both interfaces. This does speed things up a bit. Also keep in mind the TCP windowing issue. If you delay to the remote side is substantial then you may have to TCP tune your applications to run on this T-1. Also verify that your T-1's on both ports are configured correctly, all 24 DS0's are setup and they all have Nx64k. Verify this on both sides...This should be a good start...See what happens....

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Re: Bonded NxT1 Bandwidth throughput problems

I would try an extended PING and see if your dropping packets on a certain frame size. If thats clean, try a large packet PING to see if anything is dropped as well. If you are, then the provider needs to check their stuff again.

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