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Brand new Cisco 877 faulty?

Bought a brand new Cisco 877 today. Configured it no problem using SDM Express only, then once connected tried visiting a website that normally works. Firefox just hung, stating in status bar "Looking up <A HREF="javascript:newWin('",')">",</A> followed by timing out with a "Server not found" message.

My network setup is as follows:

Gateway IP: <Router>

DNS Server: <SBS2003>

SBS 2003 is my domain controller/DHCP server and handles all my DNS queries. All DNS queries for the Internet are configured to go via SBS which then points them at the router and uses the DNS servers on the router (my ISP) to lookup the address.

However, I'm finding some sites are working, but others aren't. The sites that are resolving in terms of DNS are taking an age to load. The Microsoft site loads, but with no CSS and tons of HTML-related bugs.

Apart from that the Cisco drops every few minutes and reconnects. It makes an audible 'click' noise when it tries to reconnect - is this normal?

It's running ISO Software 12.4(4)T8. Could a software update fix all these problems?

Finally how does the reset button work on the back? Sounds silly I know but I've tried pressing and even holding it in for a minute, but nothing happens.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Brand new Cisco 877 faulty?


you may need to upgrade ADSL firmware. If you don't have access to IOS downloads, go to:

the file you want is 3.0.33. There is also a doc file for the installation instructions.

Hope this helps, please rate post if it does!

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Re: Brand new Cisco 877 faulty?

I've updated the firmware and the ADSL now holds the connection - thanks.

However I've reconfigured the router from scratch using only SDM Express. Tried any site and nothing works (DNS isn't resolving).

Any ideas?

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Re: Brand new Cisco 877 faulty?

I can't really help with SDM as professionally is not used. Anyway, with CLI you may have dialer interface:

interface dialer0

ppp ipcp dns request

ppp ipcp route default

ip domain-lookup

ip dns server

After that you can set dns server address same ad default gateway in POC config or DHCP server.

Thanks for the nice rating and good luck!

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Re: Brand new Cisco 877 faulty?

Unfortunately all those commands don't work.

The connection is being established as I can use the PING command from SDM to resolve a web address and ping the server(s) successfully. It's only internal traffic that isn't getting through (everything).

Any ideas?

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Re: Brand new Cisco 877 faulty?

you should have like:

int dialer0

ip nat outside

int vlan1

ip nat inside

ip nat inside source list 1 interface dialer0 overload

access-list 1 permit

This is the minimum configuration for your PC to use the internet. The SDM can have added other commands that do not make sense to you and are sometime unnecessary.

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