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break WAN Subnet into multiple subnets

Our ISP has  provided us with a fiber to Ethernet hand-off (ONU) with a /27 routed to  us.  For reference purposes, I'll refer to this as

The  objective is to split this WAN subnet into four separate networks.  Each  of the networks will have its own firewall/router and the WAN interface  of each needs at least one routable IP. 

We have a Cisco 2911 router and Cisco 2960 switch.  So a crude diagram looks as follows:

ISP ONU --> Cisco 2911 --> Cisco 2960
--> Router/Firewall 1
--> Router/Firewall 2
--> Router/Firewall 3
--> Router/Firewall 4

Can  we achieve what we are attempting to do in this configuration?  If so,  please provide some general guidance as to how the 2911 and 2960 should  be configured.  If not, what would be required to be able to achieve  this?

An alternative approach might be to eliminate the 2911 and  connect the four routers directly to the 2960.  If so, we'd need to rate  limit (ingress and egress) each of the four interfaces to 1000 Kbps but  allow bursting.  Will the 2960 support this configuration?


Re: break WAN Subnet into multiple subnets

Subnet      Mask                Inverse Mask      Subnet Size           Host Range                Broadcast                6             to                6             to                6             to                6             to

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