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Bridging VLANs over WAN with GRE

I need to move a site server room to a different location (different state).

I'm trying to find out if a VLAN can be bridged over the internet without a Point to Point connection.

The two sites have a DS3 to the internet.

They both have a 6513 with sup720.

Will a GRE tunnel over IPSEC between the two be able to bridge VLANs so servers can be moved without the need to be re-IP?

I found a post saying it can be done and another one saying it is not supported.



Re: Bridging VLANs over WAN with GRE

Each Fast Ethernet port is provided with an RJ-45 connector (100BASE-TX, two pair Category 5 UTP), and a MII connector which can provide connectivity to 100BASE-FX and 100BASE-T4 through customer-provided external transceivers. The Fast Ethernet port adapters can be configured for ISL, supporting VLANs between Catalyst 5000 high-performance switches, and IEEE 802.1000 TB-VLAN for transparently bridging VLANs.

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Re: Bridging VLANs over WAN with GRE

Posted this earlier in a similar topic:

I've had a similar requirement in the past, where layer 2 connectivity was required between devices in differing locations. Our solution was to build a L2TPv3 pseudowire between router LAN interfaces; to the switches at each site it appeared that they were directly connected.

A configuration guide can be found here:

With this you can setup a standard trunk link between sites, the switches on either end actually see each other as cdp neighbors.

Hope this helps, rate if it does.


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Re: Bridging VLANs over WAN with GRE

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