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New Member

Bringing up a T3 for the first time...

OK, another silly question for folks as experienced as yourselves, but here goes anyway.

We are bringing up T3s in our data centers (CA and GA) in prep for an MPLS migration from PRVPN. This is the first time I have dealt with a NM1-T3/E3 module. Both sides are using 3845 routers (IOS 12.4(11)T1, and the modules are installed in slot 1. They have not been configured yet, they are simply installed, but the routers are telling me I have to give it a card type.

<! card type command needed for slot/vwic-slot 1/0>

So here is what I THINK I need to do:

1. Give it the card type command:

<card type T3 1>

2. The module should then initialize and create a controller and an interface. SO next I would deal with the controller piece:

<controller T3 1/0

clock source line>

3. Finally I would think an interface would have to be configured:

<interface 1/0

description MPLS Interface

no ip address

encapsulation frame-relay IETF

frame-relay lmi-type ansi

These are all just conceptual ideas at this point for me but I think that is the general flow of how the card install will go. I am also quite sure that I'm missing a lot of key commands and /or information within each part to make the module talk to the new service! Questions to you are then:

1. What have I missed in terms of basic setup commands?

2. Is there a general template for configuring these types of services OR

3. Is this missing information something that the ISP needs to provide to me at the time of turn-up?

Your input here is greatly appreciated.


Re: Bringing up a T3 for the first time...

You're right on track for configuring it. One thing to note and can prevent the circuit from coming up is the dsu bandwidth statement. The ISP can provide that to you. Here's an example of one my interfaces.

interface Serial1/0

description DS-3 to Office

dsu bandwidth 44210

framing c-bit

cablelength 250

serial restart-delay 0

New Member

Re: Bringing up a T3 for the first time...

Many thanks for the response. I'm relieved that I was not too far off the mark! I am somewhat curious about the cablelength statement however. Is that how far your router is from the DS3 MUX? Does that have to be specified? As it turns out, my router is only 12 feet away. Thanks again, Sir!

Dennis Morais

Network Administrator

Accountants Inc.

Re: Bringing up a T3 for the first time...

The cablelength is a default so you don't need to specify it and 250 is the default. I've never changed it and it's worked no matter the length of my cable.

7206VXR(config-if)#cablelength ?

<0-450> Length of the DS3 cable

New Member

Re: Bringing up a T3 for the first time...

Gotcha. Thanks again for the advice. If all goes well we'll be up and flying by next week!

- Dennis

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