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Broadband vs. T1

I am currently using a 4xT1 connection from AT&T which I have been very happy with. My LAN has 400 PCs attached to it and performance is good. My belief is that a broadband connection could not match this, even though the stated bandwidth is the same. Can someone point me to documentation that compares these to technologies head to head, or maybe someone could offer an explaination of why I may be right or wrong about this.




Re: Broadband vs. T1


Per scenario above,even if u go for an equivalent b.w on a broadband link(Cable modem), u wont be able to match the throughput given by T1s.

Reason being the T1 is basically a dedicated link wherein the broadband is sort of shared link with varying performance depending on the bulk load on the headend/POP the no. of users increase on the providers headend platform, there is a decrease in the speed.

Also the bandwidth on broadband is normally unproportional comprising both upstream/downstream until u ask for a proportional ratio.

its basically like systems vying for slots to communicate with upstream guys.Also, there is a limit on the upper upload limit tht u can get on a broadband.

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Re: Broadband vs. T1

Thanks for your response. This is similar to the argument I have with people about frame-relay. I work in education and people are very price sensitive, so many opt for broadband connections but believe they are getting T1 performance. Verizon FIOS is getting some good hype also. I searched around, but I did not find any head to head comparisons with hard numbers.


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