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C2950T-24SI vs C3750-24TS-S

I am considering upgrading to a 3750 multi-layer switch (from a C2950) and wondered if it would be beneficial to do so.

I operate a small game server business and would like to keep the latency to a minimum and thought by having a routing ability it may help. If nothing else, I figured I could at least benefit from the ability to impose "rate limiting" on selected ports.

Any thoughts or suggestions on whether or not it may be worth the investment.

The C2950 is connected to 17 servers, with one server being a dedicated FTP server.



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Re: C2950T-24SI vs C3750-24TS-S


In networking, things can be often be done in different ways without compromising the overall result. So you can find that just keeping the L2 switch allow your business to run without issues, at the same time the 3750 is an excellent device with a lot of room for growth, and the features you mentioned are surely a plus.

So you may look at other parameters to decide, for example, if you replace the switch, you can keep the old one as a backup in case of a total failure of the new one. Or you may have found an occasion for an used unit that is too good to pass on... etc..

Hope this helps, please rate post if it does!

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Re: C2950T-24SI vs C3750-24TS-S

Thanks for the reply....... I'll probably go ahead and utilize the C3750 and see how it goes.


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