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C3745 with 2 NM-HDV

I had C3745 with installed NM-HDV


Cisco IOS Software, 3700 Software (C3745-IPVOICE-M), Version 12.3(14)T5, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2)

Cisco 3745 (R7000) processor (revision 2.0) with 112640K/18432K bytes of memory.

Processor board ID JMX0802L2MR

R7000 CPU at 350MHz, Implementation 39, Rev 3.3, 256KB L2, 2048KB L3 Cache

2 FastEthernet interfaces

66 Serial interfaces

2 Channelized E1/PRI ports

DRAM configuration is 64 bits wide with parity disabled.

151K bytes of NVRAM.

31360K bytes of ATA System CompactFlash (Read/Write)

Configuration register is 0x2102



vgw1#sh invento

NAME: "3745 chassis", DESCR: "3745 chassis, Hw Serial#: JMX0802L2MR, Hw Revision: 2.0"

PID: , VID: 2.0, SN: JMX0802L2MR

NAME: "c3745 Motherboard with Fast Ethernet", DESCR: "c3745 Motherboard with Fast Ethernet"

PID: C3745-2FE , VID: 2.0, SN: JAE075108HD

NAME: "High Density Voice", DESCR: "High Density Voice"

PID: NM-HDV= , VID: 1.1, SN: JAE08041VZW

NAME: "E1 (2 Port) Multi-Flex Trunk (Drop&Insert) WAN Daughter Card", DESCR: "E1 (2 Port) Multi-Flex Trunk (Drop&Insert) WAN Daughter Card"

PID: VWIC-2MFT-E1-DI= , VID: 1.0, SN: 31592925

NAME: "PVDM 3-C549 Simm", DESCR: "PVDM 3-C549 Simm"

PID: PVDM-12= , VID: 1.1, SN:

NAME: "PVDM 3-C549 Simm", DESCR: "PVDM 3-C549 Simm"

PID: PVDM-12= , VID: 1.1, SN:

NAME: "PVDM 3-C549 Simm", DESCR: "PVDM 3-C549 Simm"

PID: PVDM-12= , VID: 1.1, SN:

NAME: "PVDM 3-C549 Simm", DESCR: "PVDM 3-C549 Simm"

PID: PVDM-12= , VID: 1.1, SN:

NAME: "PVDM 3-C549 Simm", DESCR: "PVDM 3-C549 Simm"

PID: PVDM-12= , VID: 1.1, SN:

NAME: "Four Port High-Speed Serial", DESCR: "Four Port High-Speed Serial"

PID: NM-4T= , VID: 1.1, SN: 31426650



After install second NM-HDV2-2T1/E1 with 2 PVDM2-64 i got next messages:


<186>475: Dec 16 07:21:42.342 MSK: %SYS-2-MALLOCFAIL: Memory allocation of 65536 bytes failed from 0x6002EAF4, alignment 8

<186>476: Pool: Processor Free: 602048 Cause: Memory fragmentation

<186>477: Alternate Pool: None Free: 0 Cause: No Alternate pool


<186>479: -Process= "MGCP Application", ipl= 0, pid= 222

<186>480: -Traceback= 0x6100F9D8 0x60010500 0x6001555C 0x6002EAFC 0x60D61408 0x60D8EE78 0x60D9019C 0x60874BE4 0x6086EAAC 0x60876EEC 0x6086200C 0x608237B0 0x60823AB4 0x60824000 0x60824AFC 0x60824E3C


<186>724: Dec 16 08:03:53.113 MSK: %SYS-2-CHUNKEXPANDFAIL: Could not expand chunk pool for CCAPI Event po. No memory available

<186>725: -Process= "Chunk Manager", ipl= 3, pid= 1

<186>726: -Traceback= 0x6100F9D8 0x6002CD88


Does it mean that i don't have necessary memory and my solution is upgrade memory?


Re: C3745 with 2 NM-HDV


As you have pointed out it may be due to the unaval of enough memory to assign for the new module.

i did try the same in decoder and it does says the same..

But before sticking on to that and if u can afford some DT i would suggest to get the operational status of the card as well as the slot confirmed.

you can swap thos module on the other working slot and check whether its getting detected and working fine in that slot and also confirm whether u get this error while working with both cards together..

Parallely for safer side i would suggest to open a tac case on this too...


Re: C3745 with 2 NM-HDV

Can you remove NM-HDV and just install the NM-HDV2 on the 3700 and boot and see if it boots up properly.

Then try with both modules in the router.

Also try increasing memory-size using command,

memory-size iomem

By default this will be automatically calculated by the router, but you can adjust this manually. After you configure this command, do a wr mem and reload the router for this change to take effect.

Also try upgrading your IOS to 12.4 and see if that makes any difference. Remember 12.4 IOS might require more RAM. Your flash looks good.


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