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Can 877 set bridge mode


I have some scenario to provide network for my cutomer

I have 2 Cisco 877 routers and I need one set to bridge mode and one is gateway internet

How do I do?


ADSL <---------------->877 <----------------> 877 Gateway <-----------> Clients

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Can 877 set bridge mode

There are a number of examples for how to configure bridge mode on 800 series access routers here:

Maybe some config like this:

no ip routing

interface FastEthernet0
switchport access vlan 1

interface Vlan1

bridge-group 1


interface ATM0
no ip address
no atm ilmi-keepalive
interface ATM0.1 point-to-point
description connection to service provider

pvc 0/33
encapsulation aal5mux
bridge-group 1
bridge 1 protocol ieee

You'll need to change the specific numbers, like PVC numbers, to be correct for your ISP connection.

Using a Cisco router as a bridge is kind of silly though since it turns it into a passive modem device mostly. You could use any modem your ISP might provide for that and have the same result.

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Can 877 set bridge mode

Thank you Jonathan

Because I set this topology to test Cisco 877 to run on PPPoE

I have only 2 Cisco 877 to test

1 thing how should I know which I'll use encapsulation

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Can 877 set bridge mode

Generally your ISP will determine that.

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