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can any body explain multicasting


can any body explain multicasting for video purpose .how it works to be in simple words

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Re: can any body explain multicasting

Multicast is communication between a single sender and multiple receivers on a network

Typical uses include the updating of mobile personnel from a home office and the periodic issuance of online newsletters. Together with anycast and unicast, multicast is one of the packet types in the Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6).

Multicast is supported through wireless data networks as part of the Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD) technology.

Multicast is also used for programming on the MBone, a system that allows users at high-bandwidth points on the Internet to receive live video and sound programming.

In addition to using a specific high-bandwidth subset of the Internet, Mbone multicast also uses a protocol that allows signals to be encapsulated as TCP/IP packet when passing through parts of the Internet that can not handle the multicast protocol directly.

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Re: can any body explain multicasting

can any body explain what are the basic command to be use for configuring multicast

and for troubleshoot. can u take any scenario and its working carrying commands

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Re: can any body explain multicasting

can any body solve my problem. it's urgent

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Re: can any body explain multicasting


There is no point in stressing other people to answer your question quickly just because it is urgent for you. Please bear in mind that this is a voluntary forum, not a paid support service.

Furthermore, I can give you the set of commands to configure a workable multicast-capable network within a simple AS. But I am somewhat reluctant to do that because you will not understand what you are configuring, and if something goes wrong, you would not have a clue what to do. There are so many articles out there on internet describing the multicasting in detail - have you seen, read and understood them already? Also, there are configuration guides, howtos and technotes on Cisco website also regarding multicast - it's all there, only if you tried to find it more diligently...

Regarding the commands, assuming you need to perform Sparse Mode multicast with the PIM protocol, the configuration of all routers would be as follows:

Router# configure terminal

Router(config)# ip multicast-routing

Router(config)# ip pim rp-address ! Substitute this with your RP address

Router(config)# interface ... ! All your interfaces carrying multicast (in or out)

Router(config-if)# ip pim sparse-mode

The IP address shall be substituted with a real IP address of your Rendezvous Point (RP) router and must be configured on all routers including the RP. Obviously, you will need to select a router as your RP.

Please try to make yourself more familiar with the multicast technology before configuring this. And one more thing - the multicast technology, while simple in its principles, is a complex topic. There is no shortcut to it - only a hard studying work we all had to do.

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Re: can any body explain multicasting

Just as a side note. You are receiving a lot of help on these forums with all the questions you are asking. There is no problem with you asking all these question because that is what these forums are for but the people who answer volunteer their time and expertise freely.

So please consider using the rating system we have on these forums when your questions have been answered correctly. Attached is a link that explains how the ratings work -


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