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Can asdm-5505 allow apple bonjour protocol through VPN

Hi Everybody,

I am trying to use the apple finder/application to view all my apple mac-mini computers.  I do have two asdm-5505 connected via a vpn tunnel.

At this point I can view only the computers on the local subnets. I called AppleCare and they gave some possible ports that can be opened in the firewall to allow the Bonjour protocol to pass through the ASDM:ports 5297/tcp, 5298/tcp-udp, 5353/udp, and 5354/tcp

I would really appreciate if anyone of you can help with this problem.  I am not sure if this is possible at all.  Thank you in advance for all your help.

Bonjour is the equivalent of Microsoft Netbeui used in Windows to browse the local subnet computers using Network Place desktop icon.

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Can asdm-5505 allow apple bonjour protocol through VPN


Are you trying to view a remote location computers?

Could you please specify what do you mean by two asdm-5505 ?

If you want to open these ports from outside interface

Login to the ASDM,

Then Configuration --> Global object --> Service Groups --> Then create two deifferent TCp and UDP service group with all the needed port numbers.

Then Go to security policy --> Add --> Add access rule --> then put from source your subnet --> destination the inside network --> service --> put the service group just created.

If it is a latest version of ASDM . it is having a GUI tool called packet tracer.  From this you can check the working of the rule.

Hope this Helpful



Thanks and Regards, Vipin
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Can asdm-5505 allow apple bonjour protocol through VPN

Hi Vipin,

Thank you so much for helping out!!  I have the 2 ASA 5505 Cisco Firewalls, on different locations connecting through a Site-to-Site VPN Tunnel.  And, yes, I am trying to view the remote computers on each side.

I am dealing with an Apple environroment using the Finder (the equivalent of Windows Explorer) to browse the computers on my local subnet.  I would like to see the other computers on the Subnet of the remote Firewall.

I suspect the Bonjour protocol is not being commuicated across the VPN Turnnel by the Firewalls.  I know Routers

do not pass broadcast. so maybe that what is going on?  I do believe Bonjour has a wide-area service discovery.

I do remember reading something about DHCP Help, in Cisco Routers,  to  activate DHCP Relay.....I am not really sure.

Anyway, maybe is just a matter of opening those ports on the firewall.  I will keep in touch.  Thanks again for your response.

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