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Can browse internet but no ping replies

Hi guys,

I recently made changes to my network and I can get out to the internet but when I try I can't browse to it, and I noticed that I also can not ping the sites I do browse to, I'm figuring its a return traffic problem wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction.

Note we have multiple networks on our L3 switch, because of circumstances I created route maps on the SVI of the switch so that it routes traffic properly.

Layer 3 3750 config looks like this:

so vlan 100 for example has

ip acces-list extended ACL-100-WEB

permit any eq www ftp

ip acces-list extended ACL-100-PEERS


route-map RM-VLAN-100 sequence 10

match ip address ACL-100-WEB

set ip next-hop  (inside interface of the ASA)

route-map RM-VLAN-100 sequence 20

match ip addres ACL-100-PEERS

set ip next-hop (inside interface of router that links to other remote sites that use network


Note the L3 has a default gateway that I'm attempting to bypass as its the DG for all the live traffic on this network- sadly I dont have another switch to completely separate everything.

the DG for the switch is  which services the production network

I need traffic on to be able to move to for example among others on that range

I also need this traffic to reach the internet (which it does but the return traffic is odd)


Is it return traffic on the ASA or on the switch that I should be looking at?

Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated.


Re: Can browse internet but no ping replies

I think I'd start with acl-100-web. It clearly says only www and FTP art allowed.

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Can browse internet but no ping replies

you need to allow icmp any on acl-100-web.  i assume it is permit ip for acl-100-peers so that is ok.  re-do your route-map such that your sequence 20 now will become sequence 10.  so that for ping/tracert between 192.168.x.x will match first and  routed to and for the "any" (ie. ping to web) will route to your ASA  i dont think it is return traffic issue since you can browse the internet.  i assume you are using traceroute to check return traffic but see it odd because icmp is not in route-map and routed to your default gateway.

hope this helps. cheers!

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