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can i load balance traffic in this scenario?

dear experts, hello

i have a 2811 cisco router and i'll connect f0/0 interface with a switch which is connected with two dsl modems that linked to the internet.

my question is, can i load balance the traffic that exit the router f0/0 interface between the internal two interfaces of the dsl modems?

the diagram of the network in the attached file, you can take a look at it,

thanks alot for your reply



Re: can i load balance traffic in this scenario?


first of all what is your switch confugred as L2 switch only or L3 ) if its is L3 switch ( then it supposed to have some sort of routing assuming debualf statci route ) you need two default statci routes in the switch that each of them point ot one of the DSL next hop IP

if the switch configured as L2 i think this won't work

one imortant thing to take it into your considreation is that voice and/or vedio not recomnded to be load balnced over two diffrent paths as this will resulst in undesired experiance such as jitter

what you might do is to use PBR to force vicdeo traffc to use one DSL link and all other trafic for example use the other link link

but you need to confugre what is know as relable PBR with IPSLA to make sure if one of your dsl links down you can failover to the other one rather than blakwhole th traffic and losse the connectivity

see the bellow dcouemnt which might help you in configuring relaible PBR with IP SLA ( igone the NATing sectio if it is not required in your case )

good luck

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Re: can i load balance traffic in this scenario?

hi marawan,

first thankyou for your reply,

i'm going to configure the PBR and IPSLA on the cisco router to distribute the traffice that exit the f0/0 between the two dsl modems.

because the switch will be a layer 2 swithc therefore i'll configure the PBR and IPSLA on cisco router.

did you see the the attached file, it has the diagram.

thaks again for your help


Re: can i load balance traffic in this scenario?

make sure you apply the PBR on the inbound interface ( where the traffic coming ) in your case it supposed to be


good luck

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