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Can ping but thats it.

Guys I have a unusual problem. Can anyone explain what happened here.

Here is the background on my network.

I have 4 sun servers connected to a 3745 router. The 3745 router have the 36-port internal switch module.T he IOS on the router is IOS (tm) 3700 Software (C3745-IS-M), Version 12.3(3), RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2). The sun servers have multiple nics and certain nics are in different vlans.

The sun server NICs that are connected to the switch module ports using vlan 1, would only respond to the ping but not the telnet or ssh. The other NICs on the servers that are in vlan 6, 11 and 12 would respond fine. The servers would not even ping the vlan 1 gateway of directly connected router ( So, looks like from router we can ping the server vlan 1 Ips but can not telnet/ssh to that server vlan IP and the server could not even ping the router vlan 1 gateway. We cleared mac-address-table, arp and bounced interfaces on router and server but no change in status. The issue was resolved by rebooting the router. Can you please help determine the cause?


Re: Can ping but thats it.

Did anyone changed in STP? Did IP coflict with VLAN Interface IP?

I am not sure, without any logs.

- Dharmesh Purohit

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