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Can RIP v2 announce a "foreign" host-based static route?

Our 1721 redistributes into our 10.25.x.x WAN via RIP several static routes to hosts in an external 10.15.x.x network. However, there's another host in 10.15 that I need to access via a different gateway on another subnet that's directly connected to another router.

I understand why routers should announce directly-attached routes that they can verify are available.  But it would simplify my life if I could manage all the static routes to the 10.15 network from one router.  Is there any way the 1721 can redistribute in RIPv2 a static route to a destination that's attached to another router?

The current config uses no auto-summary and network


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Re: Can RIP v2 announce a "foreign" host-based static route?

In RIPv2, each RIP entry includes a space where an explicit IP address can be entered as the next hop router for datagrams intended for the network in that entry. This feature can help improve efficiency of routing by eliminating unnecessary extra hops for packets sent to certain destinations.

One common use of this field is when the most efficient route to a network is through a router that is not running RIP. Such a router will not exchange RIP messages and would therefore not normally be selected by RIP routers as a next hop for any network. The explicit Next Hop field allows the router to be selected as the next hop regardless of this situation.

The Next-Hop field is changed by using route-maps.

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Re: Can RIP v2 announce a "foreign" host-based static route?

Thanks for the thought.  If I use route maps to set next hop, my impression is that the packet would reach the router first and then have its Next Hop changed.  Seems it would be more direct if the router tells the other routers (via RIP) where to send the packet, so it skips the (wrong) router completely.

Routers A, B and C share one subnet.  B tells A, "send packets for host X to me (B)."  But can B also be saying, "send packets for host Y to C"?

Re: Can RIP v2 announce a "foreign" host-based static route?

you may use some sort of filtering to achieve it

can you put a diagram and describe the requirement based on the diagram

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