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Can't get line or protocol up on serial interfaces

I bought Cisco WIC-2A/S Wan Interface Cards and I can't get the line nor the protocol up on these cards.


Isn't the light supposed to come on when I connect the serial cable (there is no light)? I am using these cables that I also just bought  I took the cables to school and they worked fine, but not on my home network.


At the interface, I "no shut” the ports on the two connected routers over and over, but it still shows down/ down. I have quadruble checked myself that I have the cables in the correct ports – I take my diagram with me when I check the connections and look at it when I am at the command prompt configuring the ports.


I've set the clock rate on the DCE interface, but no clock shows up in show run; I tried setting it to a slower rate, but still nothing in show run, just the ip.


I've tried switching out the cables.


I have one card in a 2651 XM running IOS version 12.3 and one in a 2610 running IOS version 12.2.  The Ethernet ports on these are running fine.


I have both ends set to the same network & 2/24. I've set them both to Router RIP v2 and set them two advertise their networks, but with the serial ports down, they of course have not shared advertisements.

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