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can't route through an 877 with no NAT

hi there,

I'm trying to setup an 877 to sit in front of a firewall. As the firewall has a public IP I do not want to use NAT.

The problem I'm having is I can't seem to route through the 877.

From the 877 i can ping

From the internal network I can ping the dialer0 interface of the 877 but cannot ping

I will attach the config - can anyone help with this?




can't route through an 877 with no NAT

Reading your issue and reading you config - I would like to ask a question.....

Your LAN on the 877 facing the firewall has an IP of ip address X.X.17.170 so your firewall Outside IP address is  ip address X.X.17.169

That's OK - but on your router.....


interface Dialer0

ip address negotiated

So you are getting a DHCP address, your firewall will have a default gateway of the router, the router has a default gateway of the ISP and the dialer0 IP address. So how does your ISP know how to route X.X.17.169 to your Dialer0 interface???

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can't route through an 877 with no NAT

Hi , huwyhuwy123

I'm not sure you have help,

Did you mean,

Do you want your firewall settings? .

What is destined to set a route on the firewall XX17.170 ?

What is the policy of the firewall settings permit PING(ICMP) ?

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