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Can't see end devices in Appletalk Zones with SUP32 but can w/SUP32-3B

My remote site customer has a CAT 6509-E with IOS 12.2(18)ZY1, and can see all the appletalk zones on campus. But, cannot see any of the end devices in those zones (printers, computers, etc)with a SUP32. However, with the same switch, IOS, config, but running on a sup32-3b.. appletalk works perfect. I checked for bugs and didn't see any. Does this makes sense to anyone?

Any help would be appreciated.


Re: Can't see end devices in Appletalk Zones with SUP32 but can

The problem may be due to initial connectivity delay that the switch introduced.Try re-establishing your connection by opening and closing the AppleTalk control panel. It is also possible that the AppleTalk client chooser application either does not display a zone list or displays an incomplete zone list.

To display all entries or specified entries in the zone information table, use the show appletalk zone EXEC command.

show appletalk zone [zone-name]

Refer to the URL below for more info on Apple talk commands used in router:

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