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Catalyst 3550 help

Hi Forum.

I'm looking for some help trying to install a back up internet connection. Basically i work at a sub site of a larger company. My internet traffic is forwarded to a direct line of site lazer which in turn runs to the larger cisco box at the main site and is routed out as required. Over the last few weeks, weather and other faults have made this connection intermitant. I have an old 1600 series cisco router that has enabled me to get back on line but forcing the DHCP of all my cleints to the new network credentials is proving to be a bit of a bother. What i had hoped to do was plug my 1600 into the 3550 and configure a new routing path. At the moment my network is on the 10.20 range, connected via port 1 to m y switch stack from the 3550. The 3550 then has a cable running directly to the lazer on port 24, all internet trafic is forwarded to that port and then to the other end at our main site. Can somone please help with the commands i need to update the config with to enable me to add an aditional route through my 1600 on the 10.80 network which hopefully in turn saves me the bother of having to update client IP's in the future?


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Re: Catalyst 3550 help

Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) enables you to automatically assign reusable IP addresses to DHCP clients.Refer URL

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