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Catalyst 3845 Traffic Monitoring Questions

Does the Catalyst 3845 support any firewall modules, that I would be able to use the ASDM gui for watching the logs of traffic passing through the router?

I know there is a Network Analysis Module, it looks like it has similar functionality with log display, but not quite the same(unless I am wrong).

I'm looking for a good solution to be able to watch traffic in real time passing through the 3845, in similar or identical fashion to the ASA's ASDM gui log viewer.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


Re: Catalyst 3845 Traffic Monitoring Questions

Nope. no Firewall module for 3800 series. C6500 does..

You could use the SDM GUI to monitor 3800.

Cisco Router and Security Device Manager (SDM) is a Web-based device-management tool for Cisco routers that can improve the productivity of network managers, simplify router deployments, and help troubleshoot complex network and VPN connectivity issues

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Re: Catalyst 3845 Traffic Monitoring Questions

I think you want to view the traffic flowing through the router... you have to go ahead with

>>  Cisco Network Analysis Module (NAM) for the router as permanant solution OR

>> Go ahead with debug option if looking for temporary solution...

>>  But will be more smooth if you have Firewall behind this router you can inspect the with that interface

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Re: Catalyst 3845 Traffic Monitoring Questions

This is well done with netflow. Type this word in any search to learn what it is.

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Re: Catalyst 3845 Traffic Monitoring Questions

You can use tcpdump, not necessarily any dispositive, of course, if you want monitoring in real time the traffic using certain conditions to specificate ports, ip's, mac's, int both directions.

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Re: Catalyst 3845 Traffic Monitoring Questions

Thanks for the input everyone, I appreciate it.

I do have an ASA behind the router, so I can monitor traffic passing through it that way. But I also wanted to get a view of the traffic passing specifically through the router, so it looks like my best bet is to configure netflow, look for a monitoring app that can leverage netflow, and monitor the traffic that way?

I didnt care too much for the SDM.

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