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Catalyst 7600 policing


I have Catalyst 7600 sup720BXL and I need to do policing in order to limit bandwith to 10Mbps. I can use port based or VLAN based policing but eather only works in input direction. But to limit traffic on path I need policing in both directions. Ports are switchports (not L3). I also noticed that IOS allows command

Interface VLAN10

service-policy input POLICE

service-policy output POLICE

but it doesn's work in both directions.

Does anybody have some idea how to solve this situation.

thanks is advance


Re: Catalyst 7600 policing

Hi there Antonio,

The phrase goes "shape in, police out". I'm pretty sure that technically, it is pretty difficult for the router to police traffic in to the interface, but, using the buffers if can shape it to 10meg.

Write the policy again and put in the keyword shape, rather than police. Shaping is a more graceful way of handling the traffic, as there tends to be less drops of the traffic, whereas policing the traffic is pretty brutal and will throw traffic away.

Check out this link for some more details:-

Let me know how it goes!

Best Regards,


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Re: Catalyst 7600 policing

It seems that shaping is not supported

on Catalyst 7600 on switchport or SVI in eather directions.


MQC features are not supported in output direction for this interface

shape average command is not supported in input direction for this interface


Re: Catalyst 7600 policing

What version of code are you running?


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Re: Catalyst 7600 policing

Version 12.2(18)SXF7

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